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What We Do

ICT solutions for your business

Our Services

Web Design

Professional business websites, NGO, Blogs, E-Commerce and online portals

Excel Templates

Solutions with customized automated Excel templates tailored to suit your business need

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing via paid campaigns on social media

Fiverr Account

We create Fiverr accounts for beginners, set up gigs and guide to making sales

Paypal Accounts

We setup legit and verified PayPal accounts for individuals from countries that are restricted to use PayPal to send and receive money

US/UK Bank Account

We can get you a legit US or UK Bank Account with ATM Debit card just with your valid Government issued ID.

Frequently asked questions

Fiverr is an online market place where you can buy or sell digital services – services you can render from the comfort of your home and deliver online. It’s a place you sell your skills or get jobs done for you by professionals while you go about your normal day to day activites.

When we create a Fiverr account for you, we also create a foreign account for you (on request) where your money is paid into, which you can withdraw from any ATM using the Master Card that will be issued to you from the foreign bank. You clan also withdraw into your verified PayPal account. 

After we have created your account, we set up your gig (services or skills) and give you tips and guide on how to go about getting jobs and earning big.

Yes, we can create a verified PayPal account for you to use anywhere in the world to send and receive money. All that is required is your international passport. 

There are various ways you can get your funds from PayPal: You can send or sell your funds to friends in exchange for cash or you can exchange from the exchange websites. We shall give you legit exchange sites to sell your funds when you create the account through us.