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Instant Admission, No JAMB or SAT required!!!

Instant Admission, No JAMB or SAT required!!!

Are you tired of writing JAMB and getting frustrated at the end of the day? Are you having issues getting admission into the university?

This is your chance to get loosed from that yoke! Why do you keep struggling with locked doors when the windows are wide open, leading to the same destination?

Now you can school from one of the worlds renown online university from the comfort of your home without the stress. No JAMB, UTME, SAT, TOEFL etc. You do not require any of these to get admission. All you need is your O’Level results (WAEC or NECO) with good credits. With this, you can get admission into the Online University that we propagate to study any of the courses mentioned below and have your 1st Degree (Bachelors) in less than 3 years with flexible options of study.

The school is 100% online. You will not be asked to visit any office for anything. Everything regarding studies is online. So, you are practically schooling abroad from home, which is the fact. It is not a Nigerian University!

Available Courses/Programs:

  • B.Sc. in Psychology (BSc.PSY)
  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
  • B.Sc. in Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies (BAIS)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language and Linguistics
  • B.Sc. in Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance (B.Sc. IBE)

Duration of study:

You can complete any of the above courses within a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 12 years depending on your study pattern, availability, and concentration. You can pause your program and continue from where you stopped at anytime if you have any constraint.

This particular online university allows you to run dual programs, that is, you can study any two courses mentioned above at the same time if you have the time, capacity and ability to do so.

Study Materials

All you need to study online while going about your business or work and daily activities are:

  • A laptop computer or an iPad or a very good phone with lots of storage. However, a computer is the best and recommended option.
  • Internet to attend weekly online classes/discussions with the TMAs, which is just once a week. The rest of the studies is by you reading and writing your tests
  • Internet to download all you books (modules) for the semester from the school’s e-library, free of charge.

CA Test and Examination

Upon registration, you will register an examination center near you where you will be going to sit for your semester Final exams done online at the end of the semester. The Mid-Term test/exam is done online also but at your own comfort zone. The module test is done whenever you finish each module within the given time frame for the module tests at your comfort zone.


The school fees, for Nigerians, is N25,700 Only per semester. And there are 8 semesters to complete your studies. No additional fee is attached to this at the course of your study from the school. However we charge N10,000 only as service charge to register you and get you admitted.


There are two semester for each session, which are the Spring Semester and the Fall Semester. The Spring semester has just begun and early registration is on going, which will terminate by the end of March. All that is required of you for registration is to fill the online form to create your account, upload your credentials and pay the school fees, which we will be doing for you or you can pay the school fees by yourself. Admission is instant!

Transcript and Convocation

At the end of your program, Convocation is done online and you will have your transcript shipped to you from the school at your own cost, which you can use for the Nigeria Youth Service Corp (NYSC). The school is accredited with top universities world wide, and well recognized.

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