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Fiverr Account Setup

Fiverr Account Setup

Fiverr is an online business center where you sell services of what you are good at – your skills. Though, these services must be computer based like graphic design, Programming, website development and design, voice recording, Microsoft office suite applications etc. Sellers on Fiverr make thousands of dollars on monthly basis. You too can be one of them.

If you are skilled in anything done with the computer, and for those who have difficulties setting up a Fiverr account, We offer opportunity and provide the solution respectively.

We setup Fiverr account and payment method receivable in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. You get a foreign bank account (US bank account) with an ATM Card in your name for withdrawals.


  • Valid International passport (recommended) or a valid Driver’s License or National ID

Features of this service include:

  • Fiverr account setup
  • Verified US bank account
  • US bank ATM card for withdrawal
  • Tips on how to make sales on Fiverr

NOTE: You will have to provided us with a valid Government Issued ID (International Passport preferably). Also note that receiving your ATM cards by regular shipping could take up to 60 days for delivery. However, if you want to receive the ATM card within 7 working days, an additional shipping cost of $70 (N25,700) will be required.

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