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Agreement to Join My Telegram Group

Thanks for indicating interest to join my Telegram Group on Fiverr Coaching.

Please note that you will be joining my paid group to learn how to create, or get more information about, Fiverr and other arbitrage update (where available). Your joining my telegram group does not guaranty that you will start making sales or money on Fiverr immediately.

My commitment to you is to show/teach you all you need to know and do in other to be successful in your Fiverr journey.

Therefore, you agree that joining my telegram group, after payment, does not mean you have paid for the materials or services that you might need to enhance your Fiverr or arbitrage endeavours. Your payment only covers for joining the group where you will get support, assistance, answers to questions, and information you may need.

You also agree that you will be joining my telegram group to meet with other arbitragers/Fiverr experts to learn from relevant information that may be shared in the group as regarding Fiverr, freelancing, arbitrage and cryptocurrency updates; and as well, you will share information that might be useful to other members of the group.

You also agree that you will be polite in your communication with other members of the group including the admin, and that you will be evicted from the group without part or full refund of your payment should you be found wanting in complying with these terms of consent in joining the group.

If this is okay by you, click the button below to proceed, otherwise, abort now.

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