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Terms of consent [Telegram Group]

Dear arbitrager, please note that as at the time of that video regarding funding Netteller was posted, through which you got to this page to join my Telegram group, the site(s) in question was/were working, so, I DO NOT guarantee that the site(s) may still be working due to the card blocking issues by banks and CBN.

Therefore, you agree that you are paying to join my Telegram group to meet with other arbitragers to learn from relevant information I will be sharing in the group as regarding arbitrage and cryptocurrency updates, and as well as you will share information that might be useful to other members of the group; not solely because of the website I mentioned on my video.

You therefore will not blame me if the said website(s) is/are no longer working as it could work today and stop working tomorrow due to the bank issues and CBN. Also, you will not blame me if the site(s) is/are the one(s) you already may have known about.

You also agree that you will be polite in your communication with other members of the group including the admin, and that you will be evicted from the group without part or full refund of your payment should you be found wanting in complying with this terms of consent in joining the group.

If this is okay by you, click the button below to proceed, otherwise, abort now.

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